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The Sky Is Not The Limit

the light of the east end of long island has long attracted artists and photographers. it is a light and a sky that seems to stretch endlessly in all directions – east, west, north and south – each direction having its own hue and character. it is a “tall” light, as well. It dares our eye to follow and our mind to “read” it. it is mutable with the seasons, the breezes, the time of day, the angle of the sun, the density of the foliage, the heft and weight of the trees. it hovers over all, giving everything beneath a humbled, yet at the same time, an “elevated” presence. it can lay bare every detail in a single sliver or bathe an entire scene in a wide, soft wash. it is a perspective that reminds me of the blessing the natural world can be. it is a pleasure trying to capture it. and a pleasure knowing i will never completely succeed.