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i colori dell’acqua: lo stagno

in the fall of 2005, i became intrigued by the idea of capturing not simply what the boat pond in new york city’s central park looked like, but also what it felt like – in a particular combination of quality of light, time of year, state of nature – seen through the “reflective power” (in both senses of the phrase) of water.

after all, what gives this pond, any pond, it’s uniqueness, but the reflection of what surrounds it?

so i photographed the pond through “itself” so to speak, over the course of a “day” – when the light was “right” and as it changed shape and angle and texture from morning into midday into almost gone.

what i hope i have found – hidden, but also revealed, in the light – is the place behind the place.
i colori dell’acqua: lo stagno.